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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) reportedly intends to roll out nationwide 4G services in August, utilizing domestically developed technology in line with the government's "Atmanirbhar" policy.

In the trial phase, BSNL officials attained speeds of 40-45 megabits per second on the 4G network, making use of premium spectrum bands like 700 MHz and 2,100 MHz.

In Punjab, BSNL has already initiated 4G services, employing domestically developed technology by IT company, TCS, and a consortium led by state-run telecom research organization, C-DoT. Approximately 800,000 subscribers have already joined the service.

"The C-DoT core network, implemented in Punjab last July, has performed admirably within just 10 months. Typically, such intricate technology takes 12 months to stabilize. BSNL will introduce Atmanirbhar 4G technology nationwide in August," a senior government official reportedly said.

Erecting a Robust Core Network

The core network, characterized by telecom regulator, TRAI, as a combination of hardware, devices, and software facilitating crucial telecommunication services, plays a vital role in this endeavor.

BSNL has allocated contracts totaling approximately INR 19,000 crore to TCS, Tejas Networks, and government-owned ITI, for the implementation of the 4G network, with provisions for future upgradation to 5G.

In a recent earnings call, Tejas Networks' Executive Director and COO, Arnob Roy, emphasized the continuous deployment of BSNL's mobile network across different zones. This involves integrating equipment with the existing core in areas where C-DoT core infrastructure is not yet available.

Additionally, BSNL is actively working on erecting 112,000 towers to support 4G and 5G services throughout India.

"The company has already installed over 9,000 towers for 4G services nationwide, with more than 6,000 active in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, UP West, and Haryana circles," a BSNL official reportedly stated.

It's worth noting that BSNL has been providing 4G-capable SIM cards for the past 4-5 years. However, customers using older SIM cards will need to upgrade to access the improved services.

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