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The telecom industry has witnessed a groundbreaking collaboration as Japan's Rakuten Mobile and South Korea's Stage X join forces, supported by Rakuten Symphony, to pioneer advancements in network strategy and 6G technology, as outlined in their recently inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The main objective of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to establish a structured framework for strategic collaboration among Rakuten Mobile, Stage X, and Rakuten Symphony. This collaboration aims to facilitate the sharing of industry insights from Rakuten Mobile and telecommunications technology expertise from Rakuten Symphony.

Through this partnership, the three entities seek to cultivate a symbiotic relationship that mutually benefits each other, leveraging their respective strengths to drive innovation and progress in the telecom sector.

“Rakuten Mobile and Stage X are the latest mobile network operators representing their respective countries, and together with Rakuten Symphony we wish to continue broad cooperation,” said Sangwon Seo, CEO of Stage X. “Rakuten Mobile built and deployed the world’s first fully-virtualized, cloud-native mobile network with a modern infrastructure that ensures stable telecommunication services as the newest mobile network operator in Japan. As Stage X builds out its infrastructure to provide 5G services in the 28 GHz spectrum, we look forward to working with Rakuten and learning from their experience across a wide range of areas.”

In a significant development, Stage X, led by a consortium headed by tech giant Kakao Corp., has made its debut as South Korea's newest player in the mobile operator landscape. This emergence comes following the successful acquisition of the 28GHz (mmWave) 5G spectrum in a recent auction.

This milestone positions Stage X to make substantial strides in the telecommunications sector, leveraging the cutting-edge technology and expertise of Kakao Corp. to offer innovative mobile services and compete effectively in South Korea's dynamic market.

Sharad Sriwastawa, Co-CEO of Rakuten Mobile and President of Rakuten Symphony, commented, “We are excited about collaborating with South Korea’s newest mobile network operator. I believe we share significant synergies, and this MoU will see us leveraging our expertise to create industry-changing opportunities for Stage X.”


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