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Bharti Airtel has formed a long-term partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud solutions and generative AI (GenAI) services to more than a million Indian enterprises, with the aim of enhancing digitalization in the country.

As per the agreement, Google Cloud and Airtel will provide their range of cloud services to Airtel's customer base, consisting of over 2,000 major enterprises and one million growing businesses, as announced by the operator.

By leveraging data generated by the operator, they intend to train AI models for business applications. These AI services will include geospatial analytics solutions for market trend identification, asset tracking, risk assessment, and predictive analysis. Additionally, they will provide voice analytics solutions for multilingual conversational applications and marketing technology solutions.

Furthermore, the operator plans to utilize Google Cloud's AI services to revolutionize customer interactions across its mobile, broadband, and digital TV services, as well as to enhance internal operations. Airtel also aims to extend these services to its B2B customers domestically and internationally.

In Pune, a dedicated facility has been established to train over 300 specialists who will assist in the deployment of Google Cloud services and the creation of advanced solutions. Additionally, Airtel has created an IoT solution tailored for the utility sector, incorporating tools from Google Cloud, although specifics about this offering have not been disclosed.

The collaboration between Airtel and Google Cloud aims to tap into India's expanding public cloud market, projected by IDC to reach USD $17.8 billion by 2027.

“As India accelerates its digital transformation, cutting-edge cloud and AI solutions will be at the heart and center of this change,”, said MD and CEO at Airtel, Gopal Vittal.

Vittal claimed that the collaboration will “accelerate the deployment of GgenAI in the country and unlock its potential to solve problems.”.

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