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Midea, AIS, China Unicom, and Huawei have worked together to create the first fully connected 5G factory in Southeast Asia, setting a new standard for smart manufacturing in the region. This collaboration represents a major advancement in the 5G era, improving efficiency, safety, and automation in complex production processes.

Extending 5G Network Coverage

By utilizing the extensive 5G network coverage of the Midea Industrial Park in Chonburi and a 5G+ industrial internet platform, each stage of production is seamlessly connected through 5G terminals to enable faster machine operation. A dedicated 5G private network has been set up to support factory operations and utilize intelligent industry applications, connecting manufacturing scenarios and production lines.

During a recent tour of the plant, Mr. Vincent Cai, General Manager of Midea Thailand Air Conditioning Factory, stated that the factory sets the blueprint for the future of manufacturing in line with Midea Group's strategy of full digitalization and intelligence.

5G Fully-Connected Solutions

Key solutions that make the factory 5G fully-connected include several innovations. Firstly, 5G data collection and analysis facilitates real-time monitoring and analysis of production devices, optimizing equipment utilization and enhancing overall capacity. Secondly, 5G automated guided vehicles (AGVs) utilize dynamic path planning and real-time data analysis to improve operational efficiency in complex factory environments. Thirdly, 5G AI inspection boosts production efficiency and reduces rework rates through advanced AI detection.

Additionally, 5G robotic arms, controlled remotely via 5G smartphones, enhance worker safety and streamline production material flow. Furthermore, 5G operating rooms allow for the simulation and testing of outdoor compressors with seamless data transmission. Throughout the project, operators have played a crucial role in driving digital transformation by deploying 5G technology to achieve enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and data security.

AIS and China Unicom are committed to driving innovation and supporting manufacturers in setting up smart factories in Thailand. Huawei remains dedicated to industry transformation through collaboration with customers, operators, and partners to generate 5G business value.

The establishment of the first 5G fully-connected factory in Southeast Asia is a significant milestone in Thailand's journey towards intelligent transformation and Industry 4.0, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of manufacturing.

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