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Optus, in partnership with Nokia, has become the first telco in the Asia Pacific to successfully test speeds of one Terabit per second (Tbps) over a distance of 1,050 kilometers (Sydney to Melbourne) utilizing Optus’ existing long-haul fiber network.

Optus and Nokia have also set the record to become the world’s first telco to reach speeds of 1.1 Tbps over 405 kilometers (from Sydney to Canberra).

The successful field trial highlights Optus’ ongoing investments in its fiber network, which is an essential infrastructure that serves as the foundation for connection throughout Australia.

The improved network not only enables fast data transfer but also provides dependable low-latency connectivity, which is crucial for many applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and automation.

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John Castro, Vice President, Wholesale and Satellite at Optus, underlined the significance of improving the company’s fiber network in facilitating high speed connectivity in Australia.

“We are committed to continuing to invest in our long-haul capability as it continues to play a key role in connecting the vast country we live and work in,” said Castro.

Furthermore, Optus has also confirmed unregenerated services between Melbourne and Perth through the factory testing of its new 400 Gbps long haul system. This enhancement not only reduces latency, but also decreases the expense of sending data, improving the overall effectiveness of the network between the east and west coast of Australia.

“The programmability of Nokia PSE-6s is well demonstrated in this collaboration, where the same hardware offers varying capacities over different distances, ensuring optimal price and power efficiency per bit in any network scenario,” said John Harrington, Senior Vice President of Network Infrastructure Sales, Asia Pacific at Nokia.

Optus achieved speeds exceeding 1 Tbps by leveraging Nokia’s advanced PSE-6s technology in conjunction with the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch platform, along with Optus’ existing channels equipped with the previous generation PSE-Vs optics.

Previously, Optus made headlines by becoming the first Australian telco to reach speeds of 800 Gbps, showcasing the company's dedication to improving connectivity across the country.

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