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The AI Summit Singapore is gearing up for the premier technology event of the year, scheduled to take place from 29 to 31 May 2024, at the Singapore EXPO. The flagship event of ATxEnterprise, as part of Asia Tech x Singapore, the AI Summit Singapore marks the inaugural edition in the region. Internationally recognized as part of the esteemed AI Summit Series, the event stands as a prominent gathering for AI innovation and collaboration.

Forging an Inclusive Digital Future

With a focus on forging an inclusive digital future, this three-day event will bring together more than 22,000 global leaders and industry decision-makers from the international technology sector.
Together with several other events, the aim is to offer networking opportunities and keep attendees informed about the newest tech trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Patricia Cheong, the Event Director of ATxSG, stated, "This year's ATxEnterprise is a significant moment for the tech industry. The gathering of global leaders and innovators will not only influence the future of technology but also change how we connect, collaborate, and innovate. By including The AI Summit Singapore in our lineup, we aim to set new standards for facilitating important discussions, building valuable partnerships, and introducing groundbreaking solutions, particularly in the field of AI, to drive the tech industry forward."

Rory Crone, Marketing Director of The AI Summit Series, expressed his excitement about the upcoming event: "We are delighted to introduce The AI Summit Series to Asia in 2024, and Singapore is the perfect venue for our inaugural event. As a global leader in technology and innovation, Singapore provides an excellent platform for collaboration and AI advancements. We look forward to welcoming participants from across the region and beyond to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence at The AI Summit Singapore."

Showcasing Leading Edge Technologies

This year’s ATxEnterprise promises an exciting blend of expert-led conferences and a bustling exhibition, featuring over 400 speakers and 1,000 exhibitors from around the world. The event will focus on breakthrough technologies and insights in artificial intelligence, data, and content, highlighting their impact on businesses, the digital economy, and society.

Highlights include BroadcastAsia, where Anson Tan, General Manager of Viu Singapore, will showcase cutting-edge broadcast, animation, and graphics technologies; CommunicAsia, with Rasantha Hettithanthrige, Chief Technology Officer at Mobitel, who will discuss advancements in connectivity and AI and the future of telecommunications; and TechXLR8, featuring Gaurav Bhasin, CEO of Carousell Malaysia, who will provide insights into how emerging technologies are reshaping industries.

The participation of these industry leaders underscores ATxEnterprise’s importance as a global platform for thought leadership and collaboration, shaping the future of various tech sectors across APAC and beyond.

In addition to the main event, ATxEnterprise will host several co-located events: DevXperience Summit, where top minds in the coding and developer community will focus on innovative tech solutions and future systems engineering and architecture; Digital with Purpose, which is dedicated to sustainability topics such as the role of generative AI (GenAI) in sustainability and government policies for sustainable innovation; Satellite Asia, which will showcase the latest advancements in satellite technology, applications, and services; InnovFest x Elevating Founders, a platform for startups, investors, and corporates to explore new ideas, innovations, and partnerships; and The AI Summit Singapore, part of the globally renowned AI Summit Series, which will focus on AI technologies and their real-world applications while advocating for safe and ethical business integration.

Key Tracks at the AI Summit Singapore

The AI Summit Singapore, as part of the AI Summit Series, will feature four main content tracks catering to various aspects of AI integration and development. These include sessions on scaling AI effectively within business operations; exploring industry-specific applications across sectors like telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing; addressing challenges in maintaining safe AI practices; and delving into cutting-edge AI innovations. The event will showcase prominent figures from the tech industry, including executives from UBS, Wayfair, the Department of Homeland Security, Singapore Space and Technology Limited, and Bank of Singapore.

Jenalea Howell, VP and Market Lead of Informa Tech's Applied Intelligence Group, emphasized the importance of the AI Summit Singapore within ATxEnterprise's lineup, noting its significance in offering valuable insights and networking opportunities for AI innovators. Singapore's thriving tech ecosystem and progressive outlook make it an ideal host for this event, facilitating collaboration among global thought leaders to shape the future of AI in the region.

Thus, ATxSG, through its flagship event, ATxEnterprise, and accompanying lineup, emerges as a dynamic force propelling innovation. It serves as a global hub, drawing thought leaders, industry experts, and enthusiasts worldwide. This convergence of minds heralds a transformative era in technology, blending innovation with collaboration to reshape the digital landscape and establish pioneering benchmarks for the industry's progression.

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