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U Mobile and Enfrasys Solutions have successfully completed a proof-of-concept (PoC) for a private 5G network for the logistics industry in Malaysia.

The PoC tested the possibility of automating Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process through U Mobile’s 5G private network and Enfrasys Solutions’ “Container Vision” which uses multi-access-edge computing (MEC).

Furthermore, ZTE Corporation's assistance in providing 5G RAN and 5G Core infrastructure for the private network enabled the successful implementation of the PoC.

A Leader in Advanced Technologies

Following the conclusion of the PoC, Transocean Logistics is officially the first container depot in Malaysia to adopt advanced technologies for automating crucial parts of its operations. The PoC showcased the benefits of using 5G and MEC facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI) in improving operational efficiency.

“U Mobile is fully aligned to the national drive to leverage technology like 5G to bring about greater efficiencies for industries and businesses, both large corporations and SMEs. This PoC features one of the first few successful 5G private network trials in Malaysia, demonstrating U Mobile’s innovation leadership,” said Woon Ooi Yuen, CTO of U Mobile.

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The Efficacy of 5G Technology in the Logistics Sector

During the PoC, Transocean Logistics recorded a 70% improvement in inspection time, demonstrating the efficacy of 5G technology in enhancing efficiency within the logistics industry.

Other operational improvements were also observed, including a seamless transition to digitalization facilitated by U Mobile's 5G network, which supported Enfrasys Solutions' Container Vision app. This digitalization process improved inspection accuracy and governance by enabling end-to-end digitalization.

Furthermore, data processing was significantly enhanced through Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), enabling instant defect detection and analysis. This advanced capability not only expedited the identification of potential issues but also facilitated prompt corrective actions, thereby optimizing operational efficiency.

Moreover, the integration of MEC streamlined supply chain operations, fostering greater transparency and collaboration among stakeholders. By providing real-time insights and facilitating seamless communication, MEC contributed to the overall resilience and agility of Transocean Logistics' supply chain ecosystem.

Tengku Razmi, CEO of Enfrasys Solutions, emphasized the ability of cutting-edge technology to expedite company automation.

“We believe that multi-access-edge computing (MEC) will revolutionize applications within enterprises of the future. We are able to work directly with enterprises to offer AI and automation solutions that work seamlessly and unlock value,” said Razmi.

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