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Telin has officially initiated the groundbreaking ceremony for its Cable Landing Station (CLS) near Pantai Mutiara, which is part of the Bifrost Cable System that connects Singapore and North America via Indonesia. This system passes through the Java Sea and the Celebes Sea.

Under construction since March 2021, the Bifrost Cable System is a collaboration between Telin, Keppel, and Meta. It provides a direct connection between Indonesia and North America, with Manado serving as the second international gateway for Indonesia after Batam, aiding development in eastern Indonesia.

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The ceremony symbolized the commencement of CLS construction, marked by the installation of the inaugural foundation pillar. Attendees included Bogi Witjaksono, CEO CFU WIB, Telkom Group; Muhammad Rofik, President Commissioner, Telin; Bambang Agus Margono, Commissioner Telin; Jimmi Adiguna Kembaren, Commissioner, Telin; Budi Satria Dharma Purba, CEO Telin; Kharisma, CCO, Telin; Doni Andriansyah, CFRMO, Telin; and senior leaders from both Telkom and Telin.

This open cable system aims to meet the growing connectivity demands of Southeast Asia by providing seamless direct links to North America, ensuring low latency and network diversity. Equipped with cutting-edge subsea optical transmission technology, it will offer competitive pricing and resilient capacity, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders including businesses, telecom operators, cloud providers, network providers, OTT platforms, data centers, enterprises, and consumers.

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Bogi Witjaksono, CEO CFU WIB of Telkom, said, “This CLS is unique because it connects Batam and also links the cable from Manado through Jakarta. This innovative route will enhance Telkom Group's network resilience and capacity. It sets a reference for future projects and strengthens our global position. Additionally, it will benefit the Asia Pacific region, especially Indonesia, by improving connectivity, fostering economic growth, and supporting digital transformation.”

Budi Satria D. Purba, CEO of Telin, added, “The groundbreaking of Telin CLS Jakarta highlights our commitment to connecting the world through Indonesian waters and boosting Indonesia’s economic growth. With the Bifrost Cable System from Manado landing at this Jakarta CLS, Indonesia now has a second gateway, enhancing global connectivity and regional integration.”

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Extending across roughly 16,000 kilometers, the Bifrost Cable System will bolster connectivity between North America and Southeast Asia, linking key landing points in Guam, Indonesia, California, and Singapore.

Each location serves a distinct strategic role: Guam functions as an intermediary point, Indonesia facilitates connectivity within Southeast Asia, while Singapore and California serve as vital hubs for international data traffic.

Moreover, the CLS will expedite the growth of Indonesia's digital ecosystem, nurturing innovation and technological progress. Improved connectivity will further bolster regional cooperation and integration within Southeast Asia, catalyzing collective economic and social advancement.

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