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Thai communications provider True has awarded Ericsson the world's first major Dual Band Dot to deploy indoor networks across Thailand to improve indoor connectivity. True will install these Dots from May 2017, focusing on the northern, southern, and central regions of Thailand. The first deployments will be in hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels.

The Dual Band Dot, part of the Ericsson Radio Dot System, enables a simple deployment that is fully integrated with the outdoor macro network. The Dual Band Dot enables multi-band deployments and Carrier Aggregation, which is important in 5G readiness. 

"In building coverage is very crucial to the success of mobile operator. It not only creates customer satisfaction but also becomes the competitive advantage to differentiate from competitors,” said Pakpong Akaniwan, Chief Technology Officer at True. “Ericsson radio dot system provides flexibility of installation, less footprint and fast time to provide in building coverage. The dual band and carrier aggregation capabilities provides capacity and customer experience that we need when we need it". 

Nadine Allen, Head of Ericsson Thailand, says: "Thailand is among the leaders in ICT adoption in South East Asia, with Thai consumers being heavy users of mobile broadband and ICT applications. Having good connectivity in large indoor areas hence becomes critical for the mobile subscribers. With the Dual Band Dot, Ericsson is providing True with the industry's most cost-effective and modular high performance indoor radio system, addressing a wider range of indoor environments with a common solution."

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