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China Telecom’s branch in Ningbo City, Zhejiang province, announced that Huawei will build the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) network for the Ningbo Zhenhai smart refinery. Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large holding subsidiary and key enterprise directly under China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. The smart factory project is a major step in the enterprise information development.

Based on sophisticated technologies and successful practice in the MEC field, Huawei will provide a MEC@CloudEdge solution and build an open and flexible intelligent private network featuring optimal user experience and high reliability for the Zhenhai Refinery on the basis of existing Huawei 4G wireless networks. This proves that Huawei’s MEC@CloudEdge solution has the scale for commercial delivery.

China Telecom fully uses wireless resources on live networks and applies the MEC@CloudEdge solution to perform local management and local operation of services, including local traffic break out (LBO), local traffic charging and control. This implementation meets real-time and high-bandwidth service requirements for video surveillance, mobile office, and on-site data collection and transmission.

After the project construction is completed, a registered user of the enterprise private network can access various networks based on customized requirements. The MEC network enables access to both the enterprise private network and public network services, as well as network isolation within the enterprise park.

Zeng Weimin, General Manager of China Telecom, Ningbo branch, said, "Huawei’s MEC@CloudEdge solution can use existing wireless network resources in the Zhenhai Refinery project to improve the processing capabilities of low-latency and high-bandwidth services, and to meet the requirements of local operation and management. We will work with Huawei to build an MEC network that sets new benchmarks."

Dai Jisheng, Vice President of Huawei Packet Core Network Product Line, added, "Smart factory is a major MEC application scenario. Service containers are built at the network edge to meet local service requirements and enhance network capabilities. MEC is one of the 5G network enabling technologies. Huawei hopes to work with industry partners to promote MEC industry development."

Huawei’s MEC@CloudEdge solution uses Cloud Native architecture and features agile service rollout, high resource utilization, robust and reliable systems, and elastic scaling. These advantages enable LBO for various policies and operation and management capabilities for local traffic.

Meanwhile, MEC@CloudEdge is a service container constructed at the network edge. This solution flexibly integrates third-party applications and exposes pipeline capabilities to help carriers expand their business.

Huawei has been working closely with China Telecom, China Mobile, and Vodafone to discover new innovative MEC functions. For example, an MEC-based smart stadium pilot project has been established in the Beijing South Railway Station for China Mobile, Beijing branch.

Huawei has also taken an active part in making MEC technical standards and establishing industry alliances and was awarded ‘Best Edge Computing Technology’ at the MEC Congress held in Munich, Germany in September, 2016.

In the future, Huawei will work with industry partners to promote MEC industry development, bring more industry implementation and service innovation into realization.

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