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The Hong Kong government has announced that it is extending the deadline of applications for a subsidy scheme to 5G development.

The registration for the Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G is ongoing until December 31.

The scheme, which was launched in May 2020, aims to attract more public and private organizations to deploy 5G. The move aims to strengthen innovation, and improve the quality of services across different sectors.

It was part of the SAR government’s Anti-epidemic Fund, which provides 50% of the costs related to the deployment of 5G technology in a project. It has a maximum limit of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.

From its original funding of 50 million Hong Kong dollars, the government increased it to 100 million Hong Kong dollars in July last year.

According to the government’s press release, authorities have now approved 141 applications from various sectors including healthcare and construction.


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