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Telecom Review Asia secured an interview with Rosenberger’s Vice President of Antennas Europe, Robert Kinker to discuss the company’s plan for international expansion in Asia and its mission to reinforce 5G capabilities in all aspects of its services.

Robert Kinker has had a long and illustrious career in the communications industry, from designing antennas to managing global R&D. For two years now, he has been responsible for managing the Rosenberger Antenna business in Europe and continuously shares his experience and knowledge with industry leaders, partners and colleagues all over the globe.

The Rosenberger company was established 61 years ago, and its products are designed for different applications within automotive, telecommunication, test/measurement and medical industries. From a telecommunications perspective, Robert says that one of the biggest challenges is fulfilling customer requests for the different mobile communication standards. “We still have regions where customers ask for 3G products, whereas there are regions with an ongoing 4G rollout and regions where customers challenge us asking for 5G solutions.”

In Asia Pacific, the Rosenberger Antenna business has had a strong regional footprint for 20 years and is still growing. “We offer high-end wireless products to our customers for 4G, 4.5G as well as 5G network applications. Last year we have been ranked as the fastest growing antenna vendor worldwide,” Robert said.

When asked about the relationship dynamic between 4G and 5G, Robert said that he sees a “soft handover” from 4G to 5G. “For 4G/4.5G the existing and already applied technology still allows to increase network capacity, but there are use cases like anonymous driving and smart factories where new technology like 5G is needed. 5G will even have more influence areas where machines and human beings communicate to each other.”

He further added that in the next 2 to 3 years, “the 4G rollout will continue and there will be a rising number allocated to 5G”, with China and the US undoubtedly driving this transformation.  

In terms of what sets Rosenberger apart from its competitors, Robert said that the organisation has managed to adapt to its customers’ needs through the years, despite the challenges of a new generation.

“Even though Rosenberger was growing fast and constantly over the last decade our organization still allows reacting very agile on customers’ demands. Our technology is ready in providing products for the latest mobile communications standard 5G. The degree of automation in our production facilities has reached high levels guaranteeing outstanding quality. Rosenberger is a brand customer can rely on,” he said.

Robert also explained that the company focuses on a few differentiators; innovation, flexibility, speed and quality, and immediate and local support.

“These are the four pillars that Rosenberger is depending on to capture and grow its market share. As customers’ needs are changing, they demand and want companies that are at the edge of technology providing them with a great quality product, fast development and agility to deliver what customers need and that is what Rosenberger is focusing on.”


By Shalini Julia John

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