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ZTE Corporation announced that it has helped China Mobile promptly launch the cloud classroom service based on the IPTV platform, introducing massive high-quality educational resources to students for online classes. By means of this service, students can take open classes given by famous teachers on TV at home, allowing students to keep learning even with classes suspended during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The cloud classroom service is implemented on the content network platform constructed by ZTE. Featuring open capabilities, this platform supports the unified scheduling and distribution of self-developed services and third-party content. Therefore, the educational resources on the Internet can be introduced with one click, ensuring the unified user perception.

In addition, relying on the robust integrated CDN capabilities as well as intelligent and precise scheduling capability, this platform guarantees great service quality under high concurrency. For the popular educational VODs (Video on Demand), the hit rate of content can reach 99.5%, delivering a better user experience.

Moreover, ZTE has successfully completed the project delivery within only two days, ensuring fast introduction of enormous online educational resources. Backed up with mature CDN solutions and fast delivery capability, ZTE has met the urgent online learning requirements during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Based on China Mobile’s superior CDN platform, ZTE will address and explore more service needs in the future. By means of the easy-to-use operation portal and the platform with open capabilities, ZTE will keep helping China Mobile provide all industries with the content distribution service.

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