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ZTE Corporation has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Telecom Global Limited in Hong Kong.

According to the agreement, both parties will further deepen their strategic cooperation in cloud network services, ICT, data centres and global operation in the DICT field.

"China Telecom and ZTE have a long-standing partnership. In the overseas markets, ZTE has become one of our major equipment suppliers since we started the project from scratch in Philippines in the second half of 2019," said Mr. Donald Tan, CEO of CTG. "ZTE delivered the project with speed and quality, reaching a new milestone for our cooperation." 

"As to the key strategic planning in the next few years, I believe that both CTG and ZTE will continue to strengthen the strategic cooperation and build a comprehensive, in-depth and long-term partnership to create synergies for future growth," Mr. Tan added.

"China Telecom has always been one of ZTE's most important partners. Through CTG’s project in Philippines, our cooperation has started to expand in the overseas markets, which is greatly valued by ZTE," affirmed Mr. Xiao Ming, SVP of ZTE Corporation.

"Currently, ZTE has achieved the high-level delivery of the project in Philippines, and we believe in the future, both parties will deepen our cooperation and share more excellent experience with each other to take our cooperation to the next level."

Moving forward, ZTE and China Telecom Global will stay committed to the cooperation on cloud network services, ICT, data centres, digital transformation, compliance and risk control. The two parties are set to make full use of their comprehensive resource advantages and jointly expand overseas markets for a win-win future.

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