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Inmarsat’s Internet of Things (IoT) services will be available in India via strategic partner BSNL.

This follows an amendment to the ‘sui-generis’ category license granted to BSNL by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for the provision and operation of satellite-based services using a gateway installed in India.

Under this new amendment, Inmarsat’s satellite-based connectivity may now also be provided for IoT and aggregator devices, in addition to the existing ELERA L-band services already available in the country.

Inmarsat’s seamless, global and 99.9% reliable ELERA network is ideally suited for IoT and is already connecting industries across the world as diverse as agriculture, transportation, electrical utilities and mining, to provide them with a competitive advantage, drive innovation and enable more efficient and safer operations.

In October 2021, BSNL was also awarded a licence to deliver Inmarsat’s world-leading Global Xpress (GX) mobile broadband services for government, maritime and aviation customers. The phased introduction of services will include GX Aviation for inflight connectivity in India, Fleet Xpress to enhance digitalisation for commercial maritime companies in India and mission critical GX services for government users.


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