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US based global data center operator, Equinix, has formed a strategic partnership with China's state-owned telecoms equipment manufacturer Datang Telecom Group, which holds a cross regional Internet Data Center (IDC) license in Beijing and Shanghai.

In a statement, Equinix said Datang would become its service delivery partner in China enabling Equinix to expand further into the growing domestic enterprise market.  'On behalf of Equinix, Datang will offer Equinix customers in China a broad range of interconnection services, including Equinix Cloud Exchange, that leverage Equinix's years of operational expertise and experience in delivering data center services around the world,' Equinix said.

It added: 'As the service delivery partner for Equinix in China, Datang will offer additional value added services to Equinix customers in China '“ making for an easier and richer experience for Equinix's global customer base to do business with Equinix in China.

Equinix will continue to operate three of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers in Shanghai via the partnership with Datang. Meanwhile, Equinix says it will continue to extend the reach of its global platform to 145 data centers.

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