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Singapore's three mobile network operators '” M1, Singtel and StarHub '” have adopted the GSMA's Mobile Connect authentication standard enabling their customers to accessa variety of online services with their mobile number. The Mobile Connect service is already used in 22 other countries

With Mobile Connect users follow a series interactive prompts on the mobile phone to confirm their identity using their mobile number, combined with a unique personal code for online transactions that require greater levels of security. No information is made available to online service providers without users' permission.

In a joint statement the three telcos said: 'Mobile Connect will free customers from having to manage multiple usernames and passwords for every online account. With Mobile Connect, mobile customers can look forward to creating a universal trusted digital identity for convenient and secure access to compatible telecommunications, banking, e-commerce, entertainment, government and travel services and applications.'

They cited research from the GSMA suggesting that 87 percent of consumers leave a website when asked to register and that, not surprisingly 'they also face difficulties remembering their growing list of usernames and passwords, with 40 percent using the 'forget password' feature monthly.'

The telcos says the service will also benefit online service providers. 'They will be able to offer simpler sign-ups, reduce customer frustration and abandoned transactions due to authentication issues, and increase the likelihood of repeat business.'

To support adoption, M1, Singtel and StarHub are building a unified platform to enable easy integration with online service providers through a common Mobile Connect Application Program Interface (API).  They expect to announce the first wave of supported online services in the second half of 2017.

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