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The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has collaborated with AIS, the leading mobile phone network in Thailand, to deliver cost-effective solutions to Thailand’s SMEs. FTI finds that SMEs need to be migrated to the Industry 4.0 Platform to improve manufacturing capabilities and increase productivity, but the current platforms used are somewhat expensive. Thus, partnering with AIS will offer more affordable solutions to improve factories.

AIS is an operator that is adapting the potential of intelligent 5G networks to update the industry and strengthen its position as a leader in digital services and solutions. These are the most recognized among industrial firms and SMEs, and they are available to connect every sector in order to produce mutual growth in the ecosystem economy. AIS has just signed a MoU with FTI with the primary goal of assisting operators of medium to small-sized industries. The agreement will allow SMEs to have access to new capabilities that will allow them to reduce expenses and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing lines and machinery. This involves improving the precision of analysis, measurement, and monitoring systems using digital Internet of Things (IoT) tools and providing AIS 5G Manufacturing Platform solutions on the PARAGON Platform.

AIS Chief Executive Somchai Lertsutiwong noted, “It is because we are confident that 5G is the essential motor for industry and a growth engine for the digital economy, that we bid for the most possible 5G spectrum in recent auctions. We are also on track with our ongoing investments to build resilience into our digital infrastructure, a key foundation of the mutualistic ecosystem economy. Achieving this goal involves ongoing collaborations with every sector. On this occasion, we are extremely proud to be working with the FTI again by deploying our digital platforms and connecting SMEs in the manufacturing sector. They can now manage their digital transformation in one place. This not only enables leveling up competitive capabilities by cutting costs and leveraging the opportunities from new business models for future growth, but also gives companies the strength to compete internationally.”

The AIS 5G Manufacturing Platform is built on the PARAGON Platform, a 5G platform that combines 5G management, edge computing, cloud and applications into a single platform. This may be self-adjusted to fit with the characteristics of the business and the budgets available in each period, and it works in tandem with IoT technology driven by a 5G Private Network. This can handle manufacturing challenges and deal with production line concerns in real time for the industrial sector. It is also a one-stop shop since the AIS 5G Manufacturing Platform can assess efficiency and monitor machinery operation to decrease management costs, promote a competitive edge and enable operators to manage their operations in a sustainable manner.

Kriengkrai Thiennukul, president of the Federation of Thai Industries, commented, “The FTI is a key organization supporting the Thai industrial sector and SMEs operators. Our membership base covers 45 industrial sectors. FTI’s mission is to enhance resilience for Thai industry, strengthen Thailand and power the sector to Industry 4.0. This collaboration with AIS will enable SMEs to deploy the AIS 5G Manufacturing Platform to manage factory systems and boost competitive capabilities. Manufacturing processes will be made more efficient, which will eventually level up Thai industry to Industry 4.0.”

The platform is also capable of machine monitoring, where it would continuously monitor machinery in real time. It can also carry out detailed and accurate reports on the production line with its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) capabilities. Energy management is also one of the capabilities of the platform, enabling analysis and improvements to electrical power usage.

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