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NTT, NTT DOCOMO, NTT Communications (NTT Com), and SKY Perfect JSAT are collaborating with Amazon's Project Kuiper to offer satellite connectivity services in Japan. The partnership aims to provide reliable and advanced satellite connectivity options to customers in the country, particularly in remote areas that are difficult to reach with traditional communication technology.

The companies plan to leverage Project Kuiper's low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to enhance communication availability and resiliency. NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT will distribute Project Kuiper's connectivity services to enterprises and government organizations, while NTT Group companies will become customers of Project Kuiper.

Building Resilient Networks

The collaboration is expected to enable customers to build resilient and redundant communications networks, especially during natural disasters and emergencies. NTT DOCOMO plans to utilize Project Kuiper to connect rural and hard-to-reach parts of Japan to its core telecom network, eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure.

The partnership will enable Japanese businesses to employ Project Kuiper connectivity for various applications, including internet of things, predictive maintenance, fleet management, and remote manufacturing. Customers will also have the opportunity to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to access advanced technologies such as machine learning and AI.

The collaboration will explore further opportunities for seamless communication between Earth and space, aiming to develop new services that benefit customers in areas such as healthcare, financial services, and entertainment. Project Kuiper recently achieved a 100% success rate for its satellite test mission, and beta testing of connectivity services is expected to begin in the second half of 2024, with NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT participating.

Executive vice president of NTT DOCOMO, Hozumi Tamura, emphasized their commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction and personalized communications solutions. Project Kuiper will provide additional options for innovation and communication, enhancing customer satisfaction in Japan.

Furthermore, Toru Fukuoka, representative director and senior executive vice president of SKY Perfect JSAT, highlighted Japan's demand for connectivity and the partnership's contribution to business innovation and technical development in the country.

Moreover, the vice president of technology and head of Project Kuiper, Rajeev Badyal, also emphasized the shared mission of keeping customers connected and enabling innovation by harnessing data from anywhere. NTT is seen as an ideal partner for Project Kuiper in offering reliable and secure LEO broadband services in Japan.

Meanwhile, Tadao Nagasaki, president of AWS Japan, expressed excitement regarding the expanding possibilities with Project Kuiper and leveraging its connectivity services to connect remote locations and transform operations using AWS's secure and flexible cloud services.

The collaboration between NTT, NTT DOCOMO, NTT Communications (NTT Com), and SKY Perfect JSAT with Amazon's Project Kuiper brings forth significant benefits. By working together, the partnership seeks to deliver reliable and advanced satellite connectivity services in Japan. This is especially valuable in remote areas that are challenging to reach with conventional communication technology. The initiative enhances connectivity options for customers, addressing accessibility issues and contributing to the overall advancement of communication services in the country.

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