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Globe Telecom has formed a dedicated group to spearhead its AI technology adoption and has consequently created a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) role to lead the division.

Current CISO, Anton Bonifacio, has been appointed CAIO to lead the AI Development and Enablement (AIDE) Group, holding both positions concurrently when the new unit began operations on June 1. “The creation of AIDE signifies a strategic investment in our technological capabilities and a concerted effort to integrate AI seamlessly into our operations,” Bonifacio said.

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“We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and responsible AI use, ensuring that our advancements not only drive business growth, improve service delivery, and enhance customer experience, but also adhere to the highest standards of governance and compliance,” he added.

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Ernest Cu, Globe's President and CEO, unveiled this significant advancement focused on harnessing AI to enhance business operations, service delivery, and customer experience.

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“To sustain our competitive advantage, we must continuously innovate and adopt new technologies. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) signals a pivotal shift, promising to revolutionize the way we do business and serve our customers,” Cu said.

“We’ve begun to see AI’s impact across different teams at Globe, but it is imperative that we move forward with unified intent and renewed vigor to navigate these new technological frontiers swiftly,” concluded Cu.

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