The Internet Society's Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau has released the findings of a study that explores the behaviors and preferences of mobile Internet users in the region, saying it shows the shift in using the mobile Internet for purposes other than basic communication is yet to happen.

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IBM and Korean IT services company SK Holdings C&C have made an agreement to develop cloud solutions and services for enterprises across a variety of industries. Jointly, the companies intend to drive over $200 million in revenue as a result of this collaboration over the next five years.

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NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications arm of NTT) is to absorb NTT's Atlas IT subsidiary in a bid to develop a strong leadership position in global managed network, infrastructure and applications services.

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Vietnam telco, MobiFone Corporation, has become the first telecommunications services provider in Vietnam to launch a Wi-Fi calling service. To support the service, named WiTalk, MobiFone is using Taqua's Virtual Mobile Core (VMC), and mobile client to enable Wi-Fi Calling on Android smartphones that do not have native dialer support for Wi-Fi calling.

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VNPT-Vinaphone has signed a letter of intent with GlobeOne to offer GlobeOne mobile banking services in Vietnam. GlobeOne claims to be well positioned to capture Vietnam's huge cohort of digital natives converting to smartphones and enable Vinaphone to provide people with mobile-based access to meaningful and affordable financial services from their member banks, and the patent-pending income-building SocialBoost program.

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PCCW Global has selected CENX's Cortx Service Orchestrator to enhance elements in its VPN and cloud offerings that will facilitate self-serve, on-demand connectivity. Cortx will help optimize PCCW Global's operations by orchestrating and assuring these data services over multi-carrier, multi-vendor networks in real-time. Using an on-line portal, integrated to PCCW Global's OSS and BSS environments, customers will be able to dynamically scale their bandwidth connectivity and cloud data center resources.

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