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Chinese telecommunications behemoth ZTE, a provider of enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today launched the second-generation Android TV AI set-box (STB)B866V2, which features 4K , openness and intelligence.

Equipped with an ultra-strong GPU, B866V2 integrates the latest Android TV platform and supports Dolby Vision, so as to provide the end users with a premium video experience of ultra-high definition, abundant applications and customized services. 

By virtue of the industry-leading super quad-core central processing unit (CPU) and five-core graphics processing unit (GPU), B866V2 realizes ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K videos (4K×2K@60 fps 10-bit color).

Meanwhile, based on open platforms and software framework-based APKs, B866V2 enables users to download any application for more services at their will.

Besides, B866V2 has significantly shortened device upgrade and lead time.

Backed up with ZTE’s big data platform, B866V2 integrates the latest ZTE customized smart video functions, such as accurate recommendation, intelligent advertising, voice search and control, helping operators explore new business models and improve profitability.

With strong capabilities in the video device R&D, ZTE Corporation has full series of IPTV and OTT STB products. ZTE’s IP STB ranks first in the global market in terms of market share, and its STB products have been widely used in many countries, including China, Indonesia, Netherlands and Russia. 



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