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Huawei Marine has expressed an interest in building a subsea cable which will connect China with South and Central America.

Senior representatives form Chinese tech giant Huawei have stated that they were abiding by the public tender process which was initiated by Chile earlier this year in July. Due to the process, Huawei would have to submit a proposal to construct the subsea cable in the trans-Pacific.

“Huawei will be very actively participating in this business opportunity,” said Huawei’s CEO in Chile, David Dou Yong.

“This bidding process has several steps… We are ready and we will follow the process until the bid to select a vendor to implement it starts and for sure we will be part of the tender process.”

The proposed route by Huawei, connecting Chile and mainland China, could prove beneficial for the trans-Pacific route as it would provide a great deal of benefits to the region in terms of capacity.

“The Chile region is our first region in Latin America and more regions will be launched this year. We will empower governments and enterprises across Latin America,” said Edward Deng, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market.

Huawei’s President of the Latin America Region, Zou Zhilei, stated “Huawei has been serving Chile for 16 years and has earned the trust of customers, partners, institutions, universities, and governments in the country. Huawei Cloud’s mission here is to create a fertile environment for enterprises and governments to digitally transform and improve international competitiveness.”

The US government recently rejected a proposal by Google and Facebook to build a trans-Pacific cable which would have connected Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The reason behind the rejection was due to it being an alleged threat to the US’ national security.

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