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Hikvision, the world's leading supplier of innovative video security products and solutions, has the honour of sponsoring 20 cameras to Moscow Zoo for giant panda observation and research. The donation ceremony was held at Moscow Zoo on November 21. The Director at Moscow Zoo Svetlana Akulova and the President of Hikvision Russia&CIS Libbo Feng attended the press conference and visited the pandas.

Six months ago, Dingding and Ruyi came to Moscow Zoo from China. At present, they grow very well and have fully adapted to the new home here. Not only did they get the care of the breeders, but they also gained the love of thousands of Russians. Large number of visitors come to see the pandas every day. For the convenience of panda lovers, Moscow Zoo also launched an online broadcast to watch the pandas.

"The audience of the online broadcast launched in July has counted almost one million people, and every day the number of views is growing. However, the previous cameras installed in the pavilion could not provide high-resolution video and color images at night. Today, thanks to our colleagues from Hikvision, there is such an opportunity. We have already replaced some of the old cameras with modern ones, and now not only visitors to the Moscow Zoo, but also an Internet audience from all over the world can watch our wonderful kids, Ruyi and Dingding, even at night. We thank our Chinese partners for this opportunity", Svetlana Akulova comments.

According to her, the new cameras will also allow zoologists to observe pandas at night and record any changes in their behavior, which has great significance for the research, conservation and reproduction of this unique species.

As part of the donation ceremony, an examination of the pandas by a breeder was captured by the new cameras for live broadcast. People from all over the world could see how Ruyi comically climbs the scales to weigh, exposed his teeth for the physical examination, and stretched out the foot without fear to prepare for blood sampling - all of the wonderful shots are also available online.

"Giant pandas are very friendly and peaceful animals, and they are one of the main symbols of China and are often associated with trust, gentleness and harmony. Hikvision is committed to developing these values in our business. Together with the cloud service provider Trassir, which helps to organize the broadcasting, we are pleased that a large number of people have the opportunity to get acquainted with the pandas Ruyi and Dingding and that we can help ensure their protection with our industry-leading technologies", said Libbo Feng.

It is worth mentioning that the installed cameras include the cutting-edge ColorVu camera. Thanks to its innovative technology, panda lovers from all over the world will be able to watch animals online in high resolution and color 24 hours a day! Now, visitors can even learn more about the panda's night activities.

Hikvision is committed to protect the environment and actively supports international projects and initiatives to protect rare animals. Hikvision uses innovative products and solutions to support environmental research and environmental initiatives, rich biodiversity. This year, in the Amur Region, Hikvision cameras were installed in the nests of the Oriental storks, one of the rarest birds in the Russian Far East. With the help of cameras, ornithologists and the online audience witnessed the birth of 14 storks and the moment when they made their first flight.

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