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ZTE Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with Multimedia University (MMU), to build the labs with Malaysia’s first 5G SA end-to-end system for local 5G network development. Once completed by December 2022, the system will cover networks such as core network, transport network, access network and so on. 

Prof. Dato' Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su'ud, President of MMU, said, “This is a bold attempt to create an in-depth cooperation model integrating production, learning, research, engineering, and innovation. The integration of production and education is an effective means for universities to achieve talent training.”

Since early 2017, ZTE has completed the construction of the 5G NSA lab in MMU, followed by the 5G SA lab. The company has been striving to explore a new education model that bridges enterprises and universities.

In terms of theoretical knowledge sharing, ZTE has actively developed a series of innovative technologies courses in MMU, including advanced 5G technologies, IoT, cloud computing, smart manufacturing. In addition, the academic forums on 3G/4G/5G technologies and applications have been held and special scholarships are available for outstanding students.

There are career planning guidance and internship opportunities from ZTE for the students in MMU. They can take the theories into practice, have access to the most advanced 5G network technologies and equipment, and witness the application cases of 5G technologies in the industry. ZTE has given full play to the innovative education model. The advantages of the new educational model can facilitate Malaysia to train the next-generation telecommunications professional technology talents.

"It is of social significance for ZTE to work together with MMU to train local technical talents,” said Ge Yuqiao, Managing Director of ZTE Malaysia. “As the world's leading provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions, ZTE has actively shouldered its social responsibilities and contributed to the development of the global telecommunications industry. "

The cooperation between ZTE and MMU has attracted the attention and obtained strong support from the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. 

"ZTE's efforts in cooperation with universities and enterprises are in line with the vision of Malaysian education, boosting the development of telecom education in Malaysia." said Prof. Dato 'Dr. Husaini Omar, Director of Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia.

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