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Huawei released the White Paper on Opportunities for Digital Transformation of Education during the "Accelerate the Digital Journey of Education" session at HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Bangkok. The White Paper on Opportunities for Digital Transformation of Education set out to explore the intelligent education maturity assessment model for the first time.

In the White Paper, Huawei also proposed to leverage all-scenario education solutions to innovate teaching modes, promote inclusive education resources, improve research capabilities and upgrade management, accelerating the digital transformation of education.

"The White Paper on Opportunities for Digital Transformation of Education is a collection of global strategies and practices from customers, partners and Huawei itself during their joint exploration of the digital transformation of education. It provides definitions on the concept and framework of intelligent education. The White Paper explores the maturity assessment model of intelligent education for the first time. The model includes six sub-dimensions and five levels and aims to help schools assess themselves so that they can have a clear direction for future development of education informatization," said Mark Yang, Director of Education & Healthcare Department.

Elaborating on Huawei's all-scenario education solutions based on Huawei's global success stories, Patrick Low, Industry Expert of Education & Healthcare Department, said, "Huawei's all-scenario intelligent education solutions aim to build an overarching framework for intelligent education, meet the needs of various business scenarios on campus, support diversified teaching applications, realize smart teaching, learning, management and research in all scenarios and facilitate talent training across multiple countries."

Inclusive education was also a hot topic at this session. According to Mr. Ekapong Musikacharoen, Deputy Director of Office of Information Technology Administration for Educational Development at Thailand UniNet Scientific Research Network, Thailand's NREN will connect 155 universities and complete a smooth transition to 100 Gbit/s, providing high-quality network connections for all Thai education customers and promoting fair and inclusive education.

Rapidly developing digital technology calls for talent training. Golden Yang, Deputy General Manager of TVET Department at AVIC-INTL Project Engineering Company, argued that thanks to digitalization, intelligent education will greatly improve the level of talent training and drive technological development. It will cultivate the young generation to provide continuous momentum for the country's high-quality, sustainable development.

Huawei has helped accelerate the digital transformation of education for more than 2800 colleges and universities and research institutes in over 80 countries and cooperated with over 2000 universities across more than 100 countries and regions to build ICT academies, training an excess of 150,000 students annually. Globally, Huawei has certified more than 580,000 of ICT talent.

Aaron Wang, vice president of Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, said, "In the Asia-Pacific region, Huawei has cooperated with 273 higher education institutions to construct Huawei ICT academies, training above 16,000 students annually. Huawei is committed to becoming a key contributor to ICT infrastructure of education in the Asia-Pacific region. By applying technologies to education scenarios, Huawei unleashes digital productivity and accelerates the digital journey of education."


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