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At the Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023, Huawei successfully held a roundtable themed "Winning the Campus Market Together." Many partners and technical experts shared their insights and practices in building intelligent campuses and discussed how to better win the intelligent campus market in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

Dr. Kevin Su, CEO of Huawei Campus Team, said that APAC has seen accelerated digitalization in recent years, and the construction of intelligent campuses has also seen huge opportunities for development. Relying on ICTs, Huawei redefines campuses and works with partners to define the architecture of the Intelligent Campus Solution. In 2023, Huawei targets the industry's four high-value scenarios of commercial real estate, university campuses, office campuses and hospital campuses in six key countries and regions: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong (China), and joins hands with partners to lead the digital transformation of 100 campuses and create a win-win future.

Jason He, vice president of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group, said that a large number of ICT opportunities have been generated during the digital transformation of campuses. Huawei has achieved success in the market in the China Region with many partners and has helped more than 800 campus customers worldwide go digital. Huawei is willing to work with partners to build an intelligent campus ecosystem in APAC, gradually deepen and expand the cooperation scope, establish long-term win-win relationships and achieve shared success in the campus market.

At the roundtable, Jason Kok, executive director of the Singapore International Facility Management Association (SIFMA), elaborated on the strategic positioning of SIFMA and its ecosystem partners in Singapore's intelligent campus facility management and digital transformation ecosystem. He demonstrated how academia, industry and governments can effectively collaborate with each other through an intelligent digital platform to innovate campus facility management, thereby enhancing management efficiency, reducing OPEX and improving user experience.

Kittikun Potivanakul, SVP & CTO of Thailand DTGO DCS, shared the practices of intelligent campus construction. He believed that Huawei's simplified office network played an important role in Forestias' construction. This solution is advanced in network design, deployment and evolution, greatly reducing the energy consumption of equipment rooms, saving IT space and accelerating network troubleshooting.

Lance Tang, marketing director of Holowits, pointed out that Holowits provides customers with intelligent campus security solutions based on intelligent cameras and video platforms, enabling the transformation from traditional security protection to intelligent management. In the visual sensing field, Holowits has core technologies such as SuperColor, SuperCoding and SuperAI to deliver a leading visual sensing experience and create more value for partners in the commercial market.

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