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Tricentis, a global leader in continuous testing and quality engineering, has announced the addition of Tricentis Device Cloud (TDC) to its mobile testing product lineup. With Tricentis Testim Mobile and Tricentis Tosca Mobile, organizations can now manage, create, execute and analyze applications on physical mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, Google and more throughout the development process.

This eliminates the need to manage expensive and unreliable in-house devices. By detecting mobile failures and performance issues, teams can quickly fix defects and speed up high-quality releases. The Chief Technology Officer of DevOps at Tricentis, Mav Turner, stated that they are committed to addressing the pain points of mobile testing in a simplified and seamless way.

Tricentis Device Cloud expands access to testing on real mobile devices and tablets in the cloud. Using machine learning technology, the Mobile AI engine identifies potential issues early and tracks over 130 key performance indicators to help development teams identify and resolve problems quickly.

Key features of TDC include the ability to deploy devices globally, test on real devices, test across different devices and operating systems, perform user experience testing, optimize performance and utilize mobile AI for improved video and audio quality.

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