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Cloudera, a data company focused on enterprise AI, has announced a collaboration with PhonePe, a leading Indian fintech platform. PhonePe has chosen to use the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to improve operational efficiencies and achieve greater scalability, agility, flexibility and reliability. By using CDP, PhonePe will be able to move some of its workloads to the cloud while keeping the rest on-premises.

As a growing fintech company, PhonePe needs to manage the scale of its data cluster on a monolithic infrastructure. To address this, PhonePe is transitioning to a hybrid data platform. Cloudera introduced CDP as a unified data solution that seamlessly integrates data management and analytics in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Cloudera's shared data experience (SDX) feature ensures that CDP is secure by design and allows PhonePe to access data regardless of its location without compromising security. CDP's flexibility empowers PhonePe to meet its various business needs through flexible workload migration. It also provides enhanced support services, helping PhonePe seamlessly transition to using CDP and focus on innovating its data architecture.

Regional Vice President, India, Cloudera, Mayank Baid, explains that their hybrid data platform includes an observability solution that offers maximum workload visibility and predictability and minimizes operational overheads.

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