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Financial Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (FSS), an Indian company that provides payment technology solutions, has announced the launch of BLAZE, a new payments technology platform. BLAZE is designed to meet the needs of banks and financial institutions and is currently available in select markets, including India, the Middle East and Africa.

FSS plans to introduce BLAZE in more markets in the coming months. According to FSS, BLAZE offers several benefits, including improved speed and scalability, increased durability during peak workloads, enhanced fraud prevention and better services for banks and financial institutions. It also aims to simplify choices and increase consumer confidence. For example, FSS Payment Gateway, powered by BLAZE, can handle over 5,000 transactions per second (TPS), ensuring a higher number of successful transactions during peak hours.

BLAZE allows banks to deliver higher TPS to keep up with the growing adoption of digital commerce. FSS highlights the challenges faced by banks operating on outdated infrastructure, such as the difficulty of integrating systems quickly, providing a seamless customer experience for payments and ensuring cost efficiency.

BLAZE addresses these challenges and enables financial institutions to introduce innovative payment offerings more quickly, gain a competitive edge and attract new customers.

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