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SmartX has announced an upgraded hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio called SmartX HCI 5.1. This new platform provides unified computing, storage, network and management support for virtualized and containerized applications in production environments. With SmartX HCI 5.1, customers can modernize their IT infrastructure and containerization processes using just one platform.

The portfolio includes various products such as SMTX OS 5.1, CloudTower 3.2, SMTX Kubernetes Service 1.0, Everoute 2.0, SMTX Backup & DR 2.0, SMTX CloudMove 1.0 and SMTX Migration Tool 1.4.

The new features of SmartX HCI 5.1 include virtualization enhancements like GPU passthrough, vGPU, DRS, USB passthrough, PCI passthrough and Virtual NIC QoS. It also offers improved storage performance through features like large page memory allocation, CPU binding, storage concurrent access mechanism and I/O logic optimization. The platform now supports network visualization to display VM data flows and security policy enforcement results, and it has added a software-defined network load balancer for better application performance and security.

SmartX HCI 5.1 integrates the original SMTX Backup and Recovery with asynchronous replication capabilities, providing a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution. Compatibility with CPUs and GPUs has also been expanded, and the migration tool, SMTX CloudMove, now supports a broader range of migration sources.

The benefits of SmartX HCI 5.1 include unified resource management to consolidate virtual machine and container workloads, high performance and stability for mission-critical and stateful applications, unified security and observability, and unified operation and orchestration for both VMs and Kubernetes clusters.

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