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Network for Learning (N4L) has partnered with 2degrees, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, to launch the Satellite for Schools program in remote areas of New Zealand, with the goal of reinventing digital learning in the country's most distant schools and kura.

The Satellite for Schools program provides qualified schools and kura with fast and reliable internet connectivity using satellite technology, which addresses the challenges faced by these schools and subsequently improves students’ access to digital learning.

As part of N4L's managed network, schools also have access to fully managed, fully funded safety and cybersecurity assistance from N4L's skilled staff. N4L can help keep schools, staff and ākonga safer online by providing filtering, firewalls and DDoS protection, as well as email security and segregated networks.

Larrie Moore, CEO of N4L, said, “All ākonga, no matter where they are or what school they attend, should have access to safer and more reliable internet. This is critical for ensuring young people across Aotearoa have equitable opportunities for learning so they can reach their full potential. This is not only a right but an enabler for educational success. That’s why we’re doing the hard mahi on the Satellite for Schools program.”

In July, the program began with the connection of Okains Bay School on the Banks Peninsula in the Christchurch region. Over 30 other schools in the North and South Islands have been connected to the program since then, with many more scheduled in the near future.

Emma-Kate Greer, chief corporate affairs officer at 2degrees, expressed excitement in their partnership with the Satellite for Schools program, saying, “2degrees is proud to partner on the Satellite for Schools program. Satellite for Schools is a fantastic initiative that’s enabling schools and kura in remote areas to have what many of us take for granted every day.”


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