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Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) and Murata have partnered to launch the Crossborder Co-DataBiz IoT data service platform. This partnership combines Murata's cutting-edge IoT devices with IIJ's cloud services. These services are constructed using the expertise gained by both organizations through the successful traffic counter data service, encompassing sensing and network technologies, data analytics, and a deep understanding of business models.

Co-DataBiz will provide all the systems and services needed to collect, analyze, and act on data. This includes sensors, data gathering networks, cloud architecture, and edge and cloud monitoring and operating systems.

Complementing Murata's proficiency in IoT devices are cloud services from IIJ that are privacy-certified and compliant with APEC CBPR and European BCR standards. Safous, an IIJ network service that offers integrated zero-trust level 4 security, ensures that data storage and utilization protections are in place. Ensuring adherence to crucial local laws and regulations in Southeast Asia, the platform effectively manages facets pertaining to the transfer of data across borders.

Customers can utilize Murata's local partnerships and knowledge to personalize the process of gathering, consolidating, examining, and displaying their operational data. Applications such as road and equipment maintenance in public transportation, traceability management of mobile data, sensing of local laborers in industrial areas, and smart agriculture management are ideally suited for the Co-DataBiz platform.

Successful Deployment of Co-DataBiz Platform

Two outstanding customer solutions have been created thus far using the Co-DataBiz platform. Through a mobile application, the Tripod Works TRac Cloud solution enables centralized administration of alcohol checker measurements in the cloud. Furthermore, photo identification verification is facilitated through the transmission of the solution's output. These services are currently being developed in response to commercial driving regulations, which are presently in effect in Japan and will shortly be mandatory in Thailand. The expertise of IIJ and Murata will ensure that this confidential information is protected in accordance with local regulations.

Furthermore, Nippon Koei and UrbanX Technologies are working together to create an AI solution. This solution will showcase maps and detailed information about road surface damage on a web-based management screen. The solution detects road surface damage automatically using images captured from smartphones and other cameras installed in vehicles. Local governments are able to reduce labor expenses, increase the efficacy of road inspections and restorations, and implement preventive maintenance programs by utilizing this solution.

The Co-DataBiz platform signifies a substantial partnership between IIJ and Murata, providing a secure and resilient solution for IoT data services with extensive use cases.

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