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CTM and iMeddy have officially launched the “Dr.Easy” smart healthcare platform in Macau, which utilizes AI technology to promote the development of smart healthcare.

The platform will be used to provide various digital solutions customized for healthcare institutions, while delivering an exceptional smart healthcare service experience for service users.

Ebel Cham, VP of Commercial at CTM, highlighted the platform's role in promoting a “Digital Macau” smart city. She emphasized CTM's dedication to implementing and advancing cutting-edge intelligent solutions across many industries to improve the smart living scenarios across the country.

In 2024, the digital health market in Asia is projected to reach USD 83.46 billion, with an annual growth rate of 11.24% expected to bring the market volume to USD 127.80 billion by 2028. According to Statista, China will lead globally, generating an estimated USD 53.07 billion in revenue.

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The “Dr. Easy” platform is a all-in-one smart healthcare solution that provides a full range of digital management features and services specifically designed for healthcare organizations and users, including online consultation appointments, scheduling of examinations, video consultations, and inquiries regarding reports.

Additionally, the platform incorporates AI to identify vital signs, utilizing facial scanning technology to evaluate health data and offer a thorough assessment of the user's physical condition, facilitating convenient follow-up treatments.

Notably, in Japan, the market is driven by a surge in telemedicine services due to the aging population and the need for remote consultations.

Cham expressed her enthusiasm regarding the platform’s potential in improving the convenience and efficiency of healthcare services for both institutions and customers in Macau.

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The initial deployment of the platform included implementation within local healthcare institutions such as Caritas Macau, Our Dental Clinic, Genesis Healthcare, Advanced Care Dental Center, ENOCH Medical Center, FOAM Clinic, Popular Medical Centers, Brilliant Medical Center, and Ka-Ho Rehabilitation Hospital.

CTM is committed to accelerating the process of transforming the healthcare industry by consistently releasing advanced smart solutions, establishing a digitally empowered future for Macau's healthcare sector.

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