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The Chinese government has announced that it will invest a staggering $2.1 billion into the development of a new industrial park for AI research in Beijing. Other global superpowers such as Russia, the United States and the UAE have already invested heavily in AI (artificial intelligence) which has been recognized as a key economic driver in the future.

However, China has now formulated a three-year program in an effort to secure the technology as a major economic driver by 2020, which is part of its overall attempts to be the global leader in AI by 2030. The first step on the road towards achieving that goal is the construction of the technology park which has been specifically designed to accelerate the development of AI technology and solutions.

Reports emerging from the Chinese capital claim that the new AI research center is expected to produce $7.7 billion a year from the 400 enterprises that would be housed in the AI research park. In addition to this, it has been claimed that when it comes to AI, China isn’t exactly starting from scratch. Some reports have suggested that China has purportedly been investing a significant amount of time and effort into AI research and development.

China has now developed a clearly laid-out roadmap and program for AI and is expected to surpass the US in terms of AI development. China has already announced that it is working on a number of innovative AI projects, which include an AI police station, human-looking robots and AI chips.

At any rate, with plans for an AI-focused industrial park and its AI research center in the works, it might not be impossible for China to deliver on their promised AI breakthrough by 2025 — what the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology calls “Made in China 2025.” As China’s AI development plan puts it, “The rapid development of artificial intelligence will profoundly change the social life of mankind and change the world.”

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