Amazon Web Services (AWS) and eCloudvalley Digital Technology (ECV), a top provider of worldwide cloud solutions with a significant presence in ASEAN, declared a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) between AWS.

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SoftBank Corp., a Japanese multinational investment firm, has teamed up with NVIDIA, an American multinational technology company, to create a new platform for generative artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G/6G applications. The platform is based on the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip and will be rolled out at new AI data centers across Japan.

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Nokia has entered into a partnership with Lightstorm in India to supply the latest WDM optical network solutions for Lightstorm’s network expansion into the Eastern and Northern regions of India. The deal includes integration and consulting services to assist Lightstorm in deploying Nokia’s latest C+L band WDM optical line system solutions, which also enable protection features to ensure network resiliency in the event of multiple fiber cuts. Recently, Lightstorm completed the coverage enhancement.

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NTT Ltd., a major provider of IT infrastructure and services, unveiled SPEKTRA (Sentient Platform for Network Transformation). Supported by NTT's managed services experience, expertise and extensive technical resources, the platform offers customers a clear route toward network transformation. Ninety-three percent of organizations acknowledge the network's significance as the foundation of digital transformation, according to NTT's Global Network survey.

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Console Connect has launched the world’s first private connectivity solution at Mobile World Congress. This new technology aims to help businesses dynamically and securely route traffic directly between devices and clouds globally without traversing the public internet.

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Denodo, a global leader in data management, has offered the Denodo Platform to KakaoBank in South Korea in collaboration with its local partner, Planit Partners. The Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, provides all the capabilities required to establish a data fabric, including real-time data integration, administration and distribution. It aims to enhance KakaoBank’s data analysis and utilization.

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ZTE, in partnership with China Mobile and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has successfully completed 5G Sub-band Full-Duplex (SBFD) verification and compatibility testing in the Xi'an Joint Innovation Lab, achieving the industry's first sub-band full-duplex gNB with higher uplink throughput over 1.47Gbps and lower end-to-end latency of 3.9ms simultaneously in TDD band with 100MHz system bandwidth.

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At the Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023, Huawei successfully held a roundtable themed "Winning the Campus Market Together." Many partners and technical experts shared their insights and practices in building intelligent campuses and discussed how to better win the intelligent campus market in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

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