The leading Japanese network provider Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) has launched an eSIM service for the mobile Internet. The AirOn+ platform from G+D Mobile Security is enabling eSIM management.

The service, officially named "IIJmio Mobile Service Light Start Plan" (eSIM Beta Version), is the first eSIM service for simlock-free mobile devices in Japan. It offers the possibility to connect to the mobile data network of IIJ via eSIM and supports, amongst others, the Apple iPhones XS, XS Max and XR, the Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Advanced and various Apple iPads.

For eSIM management, the new service uses the AirOn platform. The solution hosted by G+D Mobile Security enables users to download the SIM profiles required to activate the service securely and easily "over the air".

With AirOn, the provider IIJ can efficiently commission the end devices of its customers and manage them in its network.

The eSIM technology, in which mobile devices are equipped with an embedded SIM chip, offers consumers numerous advantages. If the user decides to conclude a new contract, they no longer have to order physical SIM cards and insert them into their telephones or deal with their different formats. Also, when traveling abroad, users are able to activate a local mobile phone provider.

"With our new service, which is initially available as a beta version, we are heralding the era of eSIM in Japan," says Shigeo Yabuki, Director of MVNO Division at IIJ. "As a partner for eSIM management, we have chosen G+D Mobile Security as the leading provider in this area, which stands for efficiency, flexibility and security."

"IIJ's new service is a further proof that the eSIM is a strategic issue for mobile virtual operators worldwide," said Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G+D Mobile Security.

"We are very pleased to support the company in its pioneering work and thus to further advance the broad breakthrough of this technology in the consumer mass market."


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