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The United States government has announced its willingness to help the Philippines with the deployment of 5G technology.

According to an official statement by the US Embassy, US Vice President Kamala Harris has launched initiatives to boost their alliance with the Philippines.

Among them is the partnership with Philippine telecom operator NOW Telecom for the deployment of 5G technologies in the Philippines through USTDA. 

USAID is also supporting the launch of the first Low Earth Orbit Satellite Broadband Service in Southeast Asia in partnership with SpaceX Starlink in the Philippines.

It said that satellite broadband service will provide reliable and affordable internet access to marginalized populations throughout the Philippines, thereby improving access to education, professional training and opportunity.

Aiming to provide digital opportunities to small businesses, the White House also said USAID will launch the new Strengthening Private Enterprises for the Digital Economy (SPEED) award, a five-year project that seeks to expand the participation of Philippine small and medium enterprises in the country’s emerging e-commerce ecosystem. 

The SPEED launch will include the nationwide launch of the Philippine eCommerce Alliance, which will signal an industry-wide commitment to accelerating the rise of the Philippine digital economy. This program will promote the use of digital technologies to accelerate competitiveness, drive innovation, fuel job opportunities and enhance the market reach of enterprises.

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