South Korean conglomerate Samsung has been ordered by a US federal court to pay Apple $533m in a patent dispute case that has been ongoing now for seven years. Samsung has been found guilty of copying the iPhone design and a federal court jury has now awarded an additional $5m in damages for a pair of patented functions to be paid to the US technology colossus.

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The US Commerce Secretary has officially confirmed that it is seeking alternative solutions to the draconian sanctions it has imposed on Chinese telecommunications vendor ZTE. The sanctions have forced the Chinese telecoms colossus to suspend all of its major operations which now puts the company on the brink of collapse.

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US President Donald Trump has angrily rejected claims that it has given in to Chinese demands over the ban imposed on telecommunications vendor ZTE. The US Commerce Department imposed a seven-year ban on ZTE exporting US technology after it claimed that the company had failed to take the appropriate action against employees that where responsible for trade violations in both Iran and North Korea.

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