South Korea’s three major mobile operators have all formally agreed to work together and launch their 5G networks together at the same time next year, in an effort to avoid the inevitable excessive competition a deployment of this scale and magnitude would traditionally conjure up.

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Nokia and China Mobile have signed a one-year frame agreement - valued at up to EUR 1 billion - to support the Chinese mobile operator's transition to a future-oriented network infrastructure, while providing seamless connectivity to more efficiently meet growing data traffic demand.

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Indian telecommunications incumbent Bharti Airtel is actively exploring ways it can refinance its existing debt  and raise capital for expanding its 4G network by opening negotiations with international investment banks. Reports circulating in India claim that the telecommunication behemoth is seeking to raise $1bn.

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Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei has announced that continuous large bandwidth (100 MHz per operator) has become the key trend to drive future 5G business success. Huawei made the declaration at the Fourth Annual Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference

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Embattled Chinese telecommunications colossus ZTE is expected to announce the appointment of Xu Ziyang as its new CEO as part of the continuing overhaul of the company’s management structures. The company has endured a hellish number of months as a result of crippling trade sanctions that were imposed by the US Department of Commerce.

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