In remote Indian Kashmir people have been offline since August, queuing for hours to pay bills or using government "internet kiosks". As protests rage in other areas of India, it's something people outside the Himalayan region are also getting a taste of.

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Singapore’s controversial anti-fake news legislation has finally come into effect after it was first passed by the nation’s parliament on 8th May of this year. The new law, created as a way to combat false posts or news articles uploaded by social media sites, have been harshly criticised by free-speech activists and even tech industry giants who deem it as a “chilling” endeavour to stifle dissent.

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Samsung Electronics has once again found itself in hot water, facing severe criticism for damaging China’s “territorial integrity”, resulting in the termination of an agreement by Chinese K-Pop star Zhang Yixing with the global smartphone brand. 

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The rise of emerging information-related technology and its ubiquity pose a very serious concern: how much privacy do we really have? There have been growing concerns about the pace at which governments and regulators are modernizing their legal systems and how they simply do not change fast enough to keep up with new inventions and innovations of the hyper-digital world we live in today.

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Under the watchful gaze of Samsung Electronics security personnel, health and safety staffer Ko Jee-hun stood outside his semiconductor plant, handing out leaflets touting the benefits of joining a trade union.

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After months of uncertainty amid brewing tensions, the US has introduced new rules officially prohibiting the administration of government contracts to Huawei and other Chinese tech firms, a move that has further fuelled the fire between the countries’ seemingly endless trade war.

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