NASA's humanoid robot, Valkyrie, is being tested at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and is designed to operate in damaged environments like those hit by natural disasters. Engineers believe that humanoid robots, equipped with the right software, will eventually be able to function similarly to humans and use the same tools and equipment. NASA envisions humanoid robots playing a crucial role in space missions, undertaking responsibilities such as cleaning solar panels and inspecting malfunctioning spacecraft equipment. This integration allows astronauts to

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Microsoft has announced a major shift in its keyboard technology by introducing a dedicated AI key, providing users with instant access to Copilot on new Windows 11 PCs. The move is touted as the most significant change in Microsoft keyboards in three decades, aiming to simplify user experiences. The AI key will debut on new products from February.

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Tesla is set to release its 2023 holiday update next week, featuring several notable changes. A notable enhancement now allows Tesla vehicles to automatically dial 911 when airbags deploy in the event of a crash. The update also includes support for Apple Podcasts, Bluetooth headset compatibility with rear screens, an enhanced version of park assistance with 3D visuals, and new blind spot indicators. The addition of Apple Podcasts complements the existing Apple Music integration introduced last year. Tesla owners will now be able to sync podcasts with their Apple devices.

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Revolutionizing the ad creation landscape, Adthos Creative Studio introduces a cutting-edge feature that enables users to seamlessly generate comprehensive audio ads. The process begins by uploading a visual asset, be it a product image, billboard ad, or storefront photo. Leveraging the latest AI technology, the platform meticulously analyzes visual elements, extracting information about brands, slogans, styles, and target audiences.

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SpaceX successfully deployed its Falcon 9 rocket on January 3, placing Starlink satellites into orbit. These satellites are designed to directly enhance smartphone connectivity— a strategic move by the company to expand global coverage and address connectivity gaps.

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