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ZTE Corporation and China Mobile Research Institute have been rewarded the 2018-2019 Best Technology Innovation Award for 5G Transport by means of the 5G ultra-high-precision synchronous network solution.

This award, in recognition of breaking technological innovations of China Mobile and ZTE, was presented at the 5G Transport Technology and Standards Workshop organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Shanghai.

Leveraging the technological innovations, both the two companies have been committed to the 5G ultra-high-precision synchronous network technology to effectively solve the problems of precision positioning and indoor coverage.

Ultra-high-precise positioning allows operators to provide services for a variety of industry-level and consumer-level applications, laying a solid foundation for high-precision positioning applications, such as smart manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles, smart city, smart home and industry 4.0.

In December 2018, ZTE and China Mobile Research Institute completed the industry's first "5G ultra-high-precision synchronous network" demonstration, supporting the precise positioning applications.

The synchronization accuracy under the condition of multi-cascade device networking was < ± 500ps. Compared with the traditional 1588v2 technology, which can only reach the end-to-end < ± 1.5 μ s accuracy, the SPN-based ultra-high-precision time synchronization solution has exponentially improved the synchronization accuracy, thereby achieving <3m indoor positioning accuracy and making up the blind spot of the traditional GPS indoor coverage.


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