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ZTE Corporation has recently released a white paper, "Security Transparence and Assurance in a 5G World", along with Omdia, a global leading technology research powerhouse.

According to the white paper, comprehensive assurance in security is essential to the entire ecosystem in the 5G era, ranging from IoT devices to 5G networks, from regulations to operations. The truly effective security assurance requires collaboration and coordination of all parties involved, as well as regular assessments to tackle evolving challenges posed by global 5G deployment.

ZTE has been devoted to researching proactive cybersecurity solutions for many years. The white paper points out that ZTE's existing security capabilities, experience, and roadmap have demonstrated a mechanism for collaboration, transparency and openness, in a bid to address the upcoming security risks and challenges in the 5G world.

In addition, the white paper elaborates that cybersecurity is the highest priority for ZTE's product R&D and service delivery. ZTE has established a comprehensive cybersecurity assurance mechanism in accordance with laws and standards. Meanwhile, ZTE has adopted a series of cybersecurity measures, such as the three lines of defense model, Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), cybersecurity labs, and security assessments.

In August 2020, ZTE passed GSMA's NESAS audit, demonstrating the security of ZTE's 5G development and lifecycle processes.

"Digitalization has been underway for many years, and a comprehensive security assurance is needed to be in line with risk appetite. Thinking about digital risk in terms of people, process, and technology to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of information is a combination that many organizations will recognize," said Maxine Holt, senior research director of cybersecurity at Omdia. "Cybersecurity is a global challenge to which all players must contribute in order to achieve and maintain a secure and reliable 5G network with high performance."

"ZTE is all geared up and hopes to collaborate with customers and industry stakeholders to tackle the security challenges ahead," said Zhong Hong, vice president and CSO at ZTE. "We expect to build a secure and trustworthy 5G network to enable a better digital life for everyone."

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to maintain transparency and openness and adopt a risk-based approach for managing security throughout the product lifecycle. Moreover, the company will conform to regulatory requirements and technical standards, implement assessments, and obtain the certifications required by customers and regulators.

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