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The GSMA is celebrating one year since its formation of the APAC 5G Industry Community, which now includes over 700 member organizations and 2,000 individuals from 66 countries, making it the fastest-growing GSMA community in the Asia-Pacific region. Building on this success, there are plans for further growth into vertical markets in 2023 with an “alliance of alliances” initiative.

The APAC 5G Industry Community was announced by the GSMA in October last year with founding members including AIS, Axiata, depa, DHL, Globe, Huawei, Kominfo, Maxis, MDEC, Schneider Electric, Telkomsel and Viettel. The ecosystem was established for all stakeholders across the 5G industry, including government agencies, industry associations and mobile network providers, to support collaboration on Industry 4.0 and digital transformation built on 5G networks, edge-cloud services, enterprise IoT and AI.

Speaking at the 13th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in Bangkok, Julian Gorman, head of APAC, GSMA, said, “We want to continue our growth by expanding vertical market engagement – with organisations representing industries from medicine to mining – to create an ‘alliance of alliances’. This approach will enable us to reach communities that traditionally have been outside the mobile ecosystem to drive collaboration for them across the 5G value chain. To expedite this growth, GSMA is pledging to support any national or international alliances led by MNOs, governments or industry associations with an interest in 5G.”

The APAC 5G Industry Community has hosted several virtual workshops throughout the year and has been the catalyst for collaboration, confirming further alliances with Bridge Alliance, the Thailand 5G Alliance and the Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance.

In addition, the APAC 5G Industry Community has published a series of best-in-class 5G case studies spanning industries including manufacturing, logistics and ports as well as healthcare from the companies AIS, HKT, M1, Singtel, Telkomsel and True. 


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