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StarHub announced the launch of StarHub Smart WiFi, a new mesh WiFi networking system. This advanced mesh WiFi router offers unrivalled WiFi coverage and reliability for customers to enjoy the best broadband experience in any corner of their home.

“Our customers want the best video streaming and broadband experience, and StarHub Smart WiFi is key to enabling these demands. Offering built-in mesh capabilities makes our customers’ homes future ready, allowing for easy plug-and-play addition of more units,” said Mr Yann Courqueux, Vice President of Home Product, StarHub. “This launch strengthens our #HelloChange brand promise to customers. Our customers deserve the best, and we will continue to anticipate their needs and offer solutions that improve their experience with StarHub.”

Starting today, customers signing up for StarHub’s HomeHub Plus all-in-one value plan with Netflix included or any Fibre Home Broadband plan of 1Gbps and above will receive the new StarHub Smart WiFi router free-of-charge as standard. This betters the competition, which typically offers mesh WiFi routers as a premium add-on.

StarHub Smart WiFi gives customers the best WiFi coverage for high bandwidth activities such as video streaming. Its in-built intelligence optimises WiFi connections for every device to perform at its peak. It also monitors congestion, interference, signal strength and switches WiFi channels and frequencies automatically for the best data routes in every part of the customers’ home.

One StarHub Smart WiFi covers a typical three-room flat. Customers with larger flats or multi-storey homes can easily expand their WiFi coverage by buying more units of StarHub Smart WiFi. Installing them is as easy as plug-and-play; customers simply need to scan a QR code on the free mobile app. Additional units are available at $5 or $10 each per month over 24 or 12 months respectively.

In addition, StarHub Smart WiFi comes with advanced parental controls as well as a WiFi heat map to help customers identify the best location for their mesh units. Automatic software updates keep security and performance features up-to-date. In addition, an integrated customer care system in the form of a 24/7 in-app live chat allows customers to seek expert technical help – the first of its kind in Singapore. 

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