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Nokia and Jiangsu Telecom '” a regional branch of China Telecom  '” are to deploy a software-defined core network to helps Jiangsu Telecom make optimal use of its urban data centers and WAN resources.

According to Nokia, it will China's first commercial carrier WAN-SDN project and will connect data centers in Yangzhou, Changzhou and other cities in Jiangsu, a neighboring province of Shanghai, enabling Jiangsu Telecom achieve seamless, transparent and flexible management of its internet data centers in a unified manner.

Jiangsu Telecom is deploying Nokia's Networks Services Platform (NSP) to program its core network router, based on Nokia's 7950 XRS (Extensible Routing System). Nokia says the XRS will be able to program the core to optimize the use of the resources by load-balancing the traffic and adjusting to changing traffic demands.

'As a result, Jiangsu Telecom will dramatically increase the flexibility of its network, reduce overhead costs, meet the ever-growing data demands of its subscriber base and support various application scenarios such as accessing and connecting IDCs,' Nokia says. 'Jiangsu Telecom will also be able to pave the way for the future development of applications including high definition video, IoT and smart homes.'

Mike Wang, head of the joint management team of Nokia Networks China, said: ""As IDC network loads get heavier, operators are turning to cloud-based technologies to balance their network and make IDC management more efficient, flexible and seamless.'

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