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Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, has announced that Standard Foods, a major provider of nutraceutical products, has used the Nutanix Cloud Platform to improve its operations, R&D capabilities and information security.

Standard Foods has been operating in Taiwan for almost 36 years and has launched over 600 nutritional and health products, obtaining 34 National Health Food Certifications.

The company used Nutanix Move to relocate data across up to 30 servers to a modern datacenter with Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure technology. With the implementation of Nutanix technology, Standard Foods has gained the ability to deploy most new applications in one day instead of four, making its R&D and product development cycle far more efficient.

Additionally, the Nutanix technology allows Standard Foods’ IT personnel to manage hardware via a single interface, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of system failure. In the next stage, Standard Foods plans to migrate key applications, including those utilized for business process management and knowledge management, and upgrade its cybersecurity software.

Standard Foods has gained enhanced security by using Nutanix. As the manufacturing sector becomes more reliant on internet connectivity, it is exposed to bigger security risks. Nutanix Flow™ provides security capabilities that allow Standard Foods to configure next-generation firewalls, making network security management for critical applications and data easier.

Furthermore, Standard Foods can use Nutanix Flow features to strengthen endpoint monitoring with their End Point Detection and Response (EDR) system. With Nutanix HCI, Standard Foods has access to cloud-based data analytics tools to identify new business opportunities. The company is also developing an AI chatbot tool to improve customer service.

The Director of Standard Foods Information Technology Division, Li Jun Ming Lee, stated that the three-tier architecture that their operations were built on had limitations. However, by adopting Nutanix HCI, their developers now have the flexibility to respond to changing requirements and maintain data and security.

Meanwhile, Nutanix’s Managing Director for Greater China, Daniel Chang, expressed his satisfaction in helping Standard Foods upgrade their datacenter and information security protection program. He believes that operating in a hybrid multicloud environment will provide new opportunities for the company and accelerate its digital transformation program.

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