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PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata), one of the leading telcos in Indonesia, continues to solidify its position as the pioneer in convergence services with the improvements of its XL SATU, which now incorporates Fiber to the Room (FTTR) technology to provide customers with an even more convenient and stable internet connection at home. This technology is being implemented as part of XL Axiata's goals to improve its convergence offerings and fulfill the growing demand for high-speed internet solutions.

Abhijit J. Navalekar, director and chief commercial officer, home and enterprise at XL Axiata, said, "Our efforts to continuously improve the quality of XL SATU services are part of XL Axiata's convergence service development. This is also in line with the growing demand for XL SATU fiber services,which we predict will continue to increase in the coming years. We will continue to adopt the latest technology and expand the market, where we see the huge market potential in Indonesia. Our fiber network development will continue to expand to new areas."

Adoption of FTTR technology is especially beneficial to customers since it minimizes speed deterioration caused by obstacles such as walls and partitions that impede WiFinetworks. XL SATU guarantees a smoother, quicker and more stable internet experience by installing FTTR fiber optics in each room of a building or house, reaching places that standard mesh WiFi devices may find impossible to cover.

In collaboration with Huawei, XL Axiata introduced FTTR as an innovative solution that uses fiber optic cabling as a network medium. This technology enables an equally dispersed, high-speed internet connection in every area of a home or building, ensuring consumers enjoy seamless online activities such as video streaming, gaming, telecommuting and smart home services.

XL Axiata has deployed XL SATU Fiber in Batam City as part of its attempts to expand its service area, making it the newest addition to its coverage of 63 cities and regencies. The inclusion of Batam City was driven by the high demand voiced by people via the website and social media. Furthermore, Batam City's strategic location near international shipping lanes and adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia gives it significant market potential for high-speed internet services.

Mr. Navalekar reiterated XL Axiata's dedication to continue growing XL SATU Fiber service coverage. Currently, the company is focused on improving the quality of its fiber service while also preparing network equipment in promising areas. With the successful integration of Batam City into the XL SATU Fiber network, XL Axiata is now eyeing many more locations for future expansion.

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