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Globe Telecom has reportedly improved connectivity throughout Mindanao by constructing 276 new sites and upgrading 2,509 sites to 4G LTE in 2023.

These upgrades play a crucial role in expediting growth in an area that has long been impeded by conflict and poverty.

Improved connectivity not only facilitates faster and more reliable communication but also serves as a catalyst for socio-economic development.

Firstly, enhanced connectivity enables smoother communication channels, facilitating easier access to information and resources. This is particularly vital in areas like Mindanao, where geographical challenges and previous infrastructure limitations may have hindered effective communication networks. With improved connectivity, residents gain access to essential services, educational resources, and employment opportunities, thereby contributing to poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.

Moreover, the transition to 4G LTE technology results in faster internet speeds and greater bandwidth capacity. This enables individuals and businesses in Mindanao to engage more seamlessly in online activities such as e-commerce, distance learning, telecommuting, and digital entrepreneurship. As a result, the region can tap into the digital economy more effectively, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

Furthermore, reliable and high-speed connectivity can attract investment and spur business development in Mindanao. Companies are more likely to establish operations in areas with robust telecommunications infrastructure, leading to job creation and increased economic activity. Additionally, improved connectivity facilitates better coordination of emergency response efforts during times of crisis, enhancing public safety and resilience in the face of natural disasters or conflict situations.

Globe’s network activities complement the government’s efforts to empower the region by providing better access to digital services, promoting economic opportunities, and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

The company uses cutting-edge telecommunications technologies to facilitate Mindanao's digital revolution and offer a resilient foundation for innovation and connection.

"With Mindanao's growing economy and the government's commitment to infrastructure, we, at Globe, remain consistent in optimizing our network services to provide the backbone for the region's digital journey. Our strategic expansions in Mindanao are aimed at enhancing connectivity, which is essential for fostering growth and uplifting communities in the region,” said Joel Agustin, SVP and Head of Network Planning and Engineering at Globe.

Globe's network expansion is in line with Mindanao's holistic plan to promote a competitive economy by improving both physical and digital infrastructure.

Globe is dedicated in bridging the gap in access to digital technology in Mindanao, ensuring that everyone in the region benefits from the advancements in digital innovation.

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